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Scan-120410-0005“The first time I heard live music was in my small town of Newnan, Georgia.  My uncle, Alan Jackson, and his band were rehearsing in a basement, several years before he moved to Nashville.  I distinctly remember the loud electric instruments, drums, the light reflecting off of them and the cans of Budweiser everywhere as they played the hits from the day and specifically, “Country Boy Can Survive.” The second and only other time was a small concert not far from my house by then, up and coming Hall of Famers “Alabama.” I guess I was a little spoiled.”

So from a young age, Brian dreamed of doing only two things with his life, flying airplanes and making country music. That’s what he loves and that’s what he does. Taking the traditional route of creating music for the masses is NOT what he does. He has a unwavering dedication for revealing the truth in his lyrics, good or bad. He follows only two rules. It has to be real and it must be country.

“I refuse to use an idea or rhyme because it fits or sounds cool. And what I say sometimes leaves the pros questioning my choices. But, what I do is real. Reality is not always perfect.” And often-times he ends up combining his passions in song because of his “write it like you live it” approach. “This is the life I live, so this is the music I make.”

The music is made in Nashville, using A-List musicians, recorded at Oceanway Studios with Multi Grammy Award Winning Producer, Matt McClure (Lee Brice). It is an upbeat, power country setup, rooted in the traditional sounds of country music. Like his classic country heroes, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings & George Jones, Brian’s music always remains fresh and true to the genre.

Brian walks a fine line between his career as an airline pilot and his off-duty pursuit of creating music. “The two don’t mesh at all. I think that’s just the way I’m wired. I mean I have this super-structured career where you can make almost no mistakes, which is always top-rated one of the most stressful jobs in America. And then, I’m this loose, type B, hyper-creative, sometimes funny, sometimes sensitive guy. Most people OUTSIDE of work can’t believe I’m a pilot. And most people AT WORK can’t believe I’m a country singer/songwriter. If I was just one way or the other, I think I’d go crazy. It’s a good balance, though extreme, but it works for me.”

Since the beginning, Big City Brian Wright has graced the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry and was exposed to a quarter of a million fans during 2016’s CMA Fest in Nashville. His music is being heard by millions of listeners via terrestrial and digital radio, not just in the United States, but worldwide, where his debut album “Honkytonkitis” was “Album of the Week” in South of France on 3 terrestrial stations. He has recently taped his first cable tv appearances to showcase his first two official country music videos that will reach 80 million households. Talent Watch took notice and recently aired Brian’s video Daddy’s Truck to millions of cable and digital households on Week 48 of their show. Brian is opening doors in the major market radio in Australia and has even been included in the hard to crack, crowded market in Nashville. Brian’s latest single Lonesome, On’ry and Mean was included in Cumulus iHeartRadio’s New Artist Integration and is currently being played multiple times daily on each of 128 stations, reaching 240 million monthly listeners. Big City Brian Wright has accomplished all of this on his independent, almost solely self-run label, Big City Records.

If you like real songs about real life rooted in the traditional country sounds of country music, listen to the songwriter himself talk about his debut album “Honkytonkitis” here Honkytonkitis Album Trailer

Thanks for your support of real country music!



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