Honkytonkitis: CD

Honkytonkitis: CD

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Big City Brian Wright's debut album "Honkytonkitis" is a collection of real songs about real life the way country music was intended. It "fills the shoes of country traditionalists while the rest of the genre strays barefoot."

The World's First Singing Pilot

Welcome aboard!

  Welcome to my home on the interweb!  It's true.  They'll let anybody in here.  I've been around music my whole life.  I'm no pro and I'm not chasing anybody's idea of a dream, but country music has always been a passion of mine.  I don't make music to get paid.  I write when I wanna write and record when I can afford.  Over the years the songs add up, and I wanted to have something to pass along, in case I do first.  

  But, instead of creating album after album, I've decided to start releasing single songs.  They will be available here only and as often as I can crank 'em out.  The recordings will be studio quality made by me and my band, a group of A-List pickers here in Music City, at Oceanway Studio.  That means no MP3, iTunes, shitty lifeless downloads like you're used to buying.  This is as good as it gets for a digital download.  I may not compete talent-wise, but I will give you the best available. 

  Remember's gonna be country, it's gonna be real songs and it's gonna be as good a quality as I can give you.  You're gonna laugh, you might cry, but I'll keep ya drinkin' 'em dry.

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Big City Brian Wright
"Real songs about real life, the way country music was intended"


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New Single "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" written by Steve Young (originally performed by Waylon Jennings) is headed to radio! Is your favorite station playing it? If not, let's make it happen!


 1.  Big City has logged more time honky tonkin' than flying airplanes
 2.  Big City gets paid more to fly airplanes than to honky tonk (together, we can change that)
 3.  Big City has been a pro pilot for over 16 years - instructing, photo flights for news crews, corporate flying and airline flying
 4.  Big City's first singing gig was at church
 5.  Big City attracted his wife performing his very first country music gig at a wake
 6.  Big City can juggle (not just 2 careers)
 7.  Big City was on a Navy ROTC scholarship at Auburn University (until Bill Clinton decided we didn't need a military)
 8.  Big City taught himself to play guitar (which is part of the problem)
 9.  Big City only writes songs about real life (I'm not just trying to sell you something, but tell you something)
10. Big City was country when country wasn't cool



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Professional Reviews

Brian Wright writes, and that’s a good thing. 
He writes out of inspiration, not obligation, and never out of commercial consideration. 
He believes in country music, and that belief shines through in every line. 
And then he sings it, and that’s even better. 

-Peter Cooper

Professional entertainment reporter, JIMMY CARTER, on "all things country + everything else"  says about "Summertime"...

"This is an UNSIGNED artist....made this video with small budget..The song is a HIT...Some label needs to take this song and run with it...ask me if you need to know more...this is a HIT summer song!!"


"Summertime" crowned Grand Champion of Summer Smackdown on K-102 Country in Spokane, Washington - Idaho Falls, ID - Sandpoint, ID, BEATING OUT 7 FORMER #1 SONGS IN COUNTRY MUSIC!   

"Big City Brian Wright is what country music needs."  - DJ Derik Walker, K-102

News (ATIS)

Album of the Week in France 

"Honkytonkitis" is album of the week in Montpellier, France, on WRCF and WRPL and others!  Who knew South of France had a country audience?  "Honkytonkitis" is a worldwide epidemic!

Newest Single from upcoming album "Honkytonkits" 

New single, "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" hits radio today!  

Big City Brian Wright's latest single celebrates the legacy of Waylon Jennings and pays homage to his contribution that forever changed the course of country music.  

"Everybody remembers "outlaw."  I didn't see that at all.  I saw a guy living a roll and roll lifestyle.  He got wrapped up in the cycle of gettin' up to perform night after night and gettin' down because you have to.  What he did was put his foot down and make the music he wanted to make and go in a direction that no one had gone before.  I'd call that a "visionary."  A rock star that eventually grew up into a gentleman.  You could say the same about George Jones, Cash, Nelson, any of them.  Except Merle, he actually was an outlaw."  by BCBW

Let me know your station and let's get this played!

Album Update 

"Honkytonkitis - The Greatest Country Album of All Time an airline pilot" is nearly ready for takeoff!  
  Hard copies are being printed now and will be available for a March release!

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"Daddy's Truck" is Rollin'! 

"Daddy's Truck" is out to radio and on iTunes, as well as here.  Rob Thacker Film & Photo who co-directed, filmed & edited "Summertime" also shot "Daddy's Truck" video out now!

Spring is in the air but "Summertime" is a comin'! 

  I think we can all agree across this country that this was the coldest winter in a long time.  We've been cooped up, pent up and deprived of all the things that Americans love to do.  Barbecuing, sitting outside, listening to nice background music and watching the kids stretch their legs in the yard, all the while sipping on your favorite drink and catching up with the ones you care about is what we do.  
  Watching white smoke seeping from the top of my Big Green Egg, let alone the smell, is enough to make me forget about everything that was on my mind a few hours earlier.  Or try sipping a homebrew that you made and having it be one of the best beers to hit your pallet?  Or maybe you just completed some renovations to your place or just manicured the lawn.  Those few moments to reflect and enjoy a sense of pride is what I live for.  And for me, every now and then, the wife and kids will want to hear music I created.  It's another creation that I made possible that adds to the fabric of our personalities and who we are.  
  It's that time of year folks.  Put down the remote, keypad, mouse and get yourself out of doors!  Get some fresh air, grab a chair and whatever gets you feelin' right and celebrate whatever is yours!  "It don't cost much and it sure is fine, like a big watermelon hangin' on the vine" ("Summertime" song by BigCity)

"Summertime" the song is comin' in May!  Be on the lookout.  For sale here and everywhere soon!  Official video to follow.

Listen up for music and good times!

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As promised, I'm doing "Behind the Music" style info for the Mile High Club Members.  I always get questions about the creative process.  It's stuff that as an insider, I guess I kind of start to assume that everybody knows.  But, I've been around this process for a long time.  So, to answer your questions, you'll have to be a Migh Club Member, if you're not already.  It's free, safe and I don't spam.  And I hope it will answer your questions and give you an inside view "Behind the Music."  
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